Listen to Yourself

Ever since Rowan was born, I’ve been doing Barre3. It’s been one of those things that has become a type of therapy for me. In those classes, with the cork floor and mirrors and ballet bar, I feel safe. I don’t have to make any decisions and I am not responsible for anyone but myself.

I also love the individuality I have in the barre studio. The instructor’s mantra to “listen to your body. Do what works for you” runs through my head all throughout class, reminding me to be mindful of myself.

And at face value, that advice works during a workout. It gives you the permission you need to listen to what your body wants and needs, and for taking the needed modifications to be valued and praised in class because you are listening to yourself. There is more pressure to individualize the class than to look the way your neighbor looks while they’re doing the same workout. It is more normal to see people in variations of the same posture than to see everyone around the room looking uniform.

And that is something that I love about it.

But what has struck me recently is how easy it has been to apply those lessons that I’m acquiring in the Barre3 studio to my real life. I feel like I’ve been given breathing room for my life to not always look the same as everyone else’s. To take quiet time when I need quiet time. To sleep longer when my body feels run down. To learn from people I want to learn from. Barre3 has given me more space to exist. More clarity in how I view my body and how I take care of it. More grace for other people needing to take care of themselves.

And I am so grateful.

Regardless of what the new year brings, I will continue to build on this simple foundation that Barre3 has gifted me with.


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