4th of July Weekend

Every year my mom’s side of the family gets together in Montreat, NC. All the cousins have grown up going to camp up there each summer, so its cool to have a whole separate community of friends and family that have spent summer after summer hiking, having dinner, going to square dances, playing in the creek, boating, etc. And if you played your cards right, you might even meet your best friend in Montreat and be in each other’s weddings and lives for the long haul. Love you, Lauren. 😉

This year, it was a blast to bring Rowan because she could interact with people so much more than last year, play in the park or the water, watch people fish, and eat ice cream by the waterfall. She laughed nonstop and LOVED getting wet and dirty at every possible second.  I’m not quite sure she’s my child. But she has started patting me on the back, hugging me, and telling me she loves me on her own accord AND THAT IS A DREAM and worth every minute of those 9 months growing her. So here are a few snapshots of the weekend (but mainly of Rowan playing and being such a babe). Enjoy!



I will say, the best thing about our house in Montreat is the porch. Its where everyone takes their breakfast and coffee in the mornings, has beer in the afternoon, or has friends come sit and talk late into the night. The last two years we never even made it to the square dances or to see fireworks because we were so caught up in the ease and relaxation of the porch. Its the perfect time to catch up on jobs and life and kids and travels, and we’ve grown to love this part of our time there the most.

I hope you had a great 4th and are enjoying the summer heat! It is HOT HOT HOT. Probably worth an extra beer tonight to make up for it. Happy summering!


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