The Best Week of Everyone’s Lives

So, I obnoxiously brag about my job to anyone I can. I work in technology, which is a far cry from my Child and Family Development major in college. But for some reason, it suits me. I love the fast-paced innovation and working for a company that invests so heavily into the wellness of its employees. Salesforce is passionate about giving back to the community in a million ways and it hires people that are passionate about it, too.

This past week we had our team of 26 fly in from all over the world to spend time with each other, learn some new skills, volunteer together with the Red Cross, and just get to know each other a little bit more. We know that the satisfaction of our clients is dependent upon the satisfaction of our employees. If they feel loved and taken care of, they’ll do the same for our clients.

Here are a few photos from some of our events this week; however, this is just the fun stuff. I promise there was lots of learning the rest of the time. 😉


P R E S E R V I N G  P L A C E

The “Art of Entertaining” was a cooking class we took at the Preserving Place. We made pimento cheese and bacon biscuits, watermelon salad with mint, lime and sea salt, shrimp panzanella, caprese salad with a balsamic reduction and deviled eggs. There were stations where each item was being prepared, so you could rotate around and watch what you wanted, help where you wanted, or just hang out and have wine while everyone else cooked.





L A K E  H O U S E

FullSizeRender (10)

FullSizeRender (12)

A M I C A L O L A  F A L L S



We did have a farewell dinner at Fritti on the last night, but I left my phone in my bag and just enjoyed it. I really am constantly reminded of how much I enjoy my work, the people I spend each and every day with, and how genuine and warm and helpful everyone is. We come from such a mix of backgrounds, that its amazing how much synergy exists day in and day out. I would trust this group with my life, and hope that they’d trust me with theirs.

Cheers to an epic week, team!

PS: And my favorite quote of the week goes to Richard for asking Brendan in the hot tub one night: “Hey Brendan, on a scale of 8-10, how great do you feel?” Which, if you know Richard, you know he’s the most positive person on the planet. So this is a perfect scale for him to offer anyone because for him, things are never below an 8.


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