Rowan With My Homies









Rowan had the dreamiest of parties. Full of her (but mostly my) friends, lots of cake, bacon-wrapped dates (she begged for these), and Moscow Mules. We had a slide and bubbles and baked brie and sangria and mango salsa and thai cucumber salad and BEER. Because 2-year old parties should always have beer. For the dads. We had flowers and colorful straws and pink candles and FAMILY and hugs and NO TEARS. Whoa. No tears. At a 2-year old party. I’m still in awe.

Everyone came together to create such a beautiful celebration for Rowan. She stayed up with the late-nighters way past her bedtime while we finished off the food and ordered pizza. Also, there was more beer and sangria to be had and we were committed to the cause. We couldn’t let the baby out-party us.

By 9 Rowan was in bed without a peep, having worn herself out with all the fun. We love her so and hope her heart was as full as ours always is.


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