A Birthday Note for Rowan

My dearest Rowan,

You are love and sweetness, kindness and warmth, smiles and honesty. Your heart is so big and you love to love. You love to be tickled and thrown in the air, to wear anything pink or floral (Jcrew can’t wait to have your business), and read every book in sight. You love helping bake cookies or muffins, feeding the dog and cat (sometimes unprompted), using mama’s toothbrush to stir the cat food into the cat’s water, and feed Lucy raisins.  You love Burberry (who can blame you) and baths, pizza and puzzles. You call for “mama” or “dada” when you wake up in the mornings, and hearing your little voice makes my heart explode into a million pieces.

You love to be chased, and I love to chase you. Picking you up and tickling you and swinging you around. Your hair is so beautiful, and the fact that you have natural curl will serve you so well in this life. Your eyes are big and you notice everything. You tell me “nigh nigh” and blow me kisses when I put you in bed. You help me put your shoes on and put your toys away. When you hear music you immediately dance no matter who is around.

You give me grace when I take millions of photos of you. But I just have to because your cheeks are so pink and round and your smile is so big. And I feel like I see the most perfect glimpse of heaven in your face. You share all your toys and snacks and love all your friends sitting close. You love to throw your trash away (a gene you most certainly didn’t get from me), and are always so excited to see someone you know. You sing song after song, tell me stories and make me laugh. You walk into any room with so much bravery and confidence, always pushing yourself to try new things. You’re steady on your feet, and almost always lick all the cookie dough before putting it on the baking sheet. Tell no one.

I want you to know that you’re so deeply loved and cherished. You were the one that made me a mom. I grew you in my belly and felt every inch of your little body stretching its legs inside me. I felt your hiccups and your movements, always wondering at the precious love inside me. And here you are. Better than anything in this entire world, and only getting better. Each day I see a new piece of your heart. Your love. Your courage. And I’m just so proud. Loving you is as easy and natural as breathing. Knowing that our hearts will be forever knitted together is the greatest honor and privilege I could ever ask for. I am your biggest fan, your most loving and supportive advocate.

And this week you will turn 2. We will have balloons and cake and friends and gifts and endless love for you, my dear one. We can’t wait to enjoy your second birthday, the biggest blessing we could ever imagine.

Know that you are loved, you are loved, you are loved, we all say!



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One thought on “A Birthday Note for Rowan

  1. Perfect! Love that even though we don”t see you often, we live each day in your family’s world through your words and pictures. Thank you Mary! Love to you all and can”t wait to see you in July!

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