Hittin’ the Town [with my parents]

Last night I had the amazing pleasure of trying out Atlanta’s new hard cidery, Urban Tree. I’ve always lamented the bleakness of the cider scene in the US. Not only is cider hard to get here, but good cider is virtually impossible. But alas, welcome

U R B A N  T R E E.

I’m so thankful. The event last night was a benefit for a land trust that my dad has helped support for the last several years. They had bluegrass, barbecue, classic and seasonal ciders, cocktails made with their ciders, beer, wine, and dessert. The event was incredibly elegant despite being in a little bit of a rustic venue. It was completely cool.

Their 3 ciders:

Classic (dry, European-style)

Traditional (crisp and sweet)

Rum barrel-aged

Seasonal Ciders:

Habanero Ginger (Whoa, baby. I had 5)

Fugg’n Hopped (perfect for anyone who doesn’t love cider)

My dad, Jill and LG scamper off to Costa Rica today, and I head to Dublin on Friday for a work trip. They’re all a huge part of my life, so it’ll be hard to be away for so long! But I’m sure we’ll pick up Wednesday tacos again upon our return. I can’t wait to see their new tans and show off my continued paleness after 2 1/2 weeks in Ireland.

I hope you all are planning something fun for spring!


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