Book Club

You guys, I have some of the most amazing friends. And thankfully, they’re also obsessive readers. We share and discuss books constantly, and fortunately for me, we usually do this over coffee and breakfast. A big breakfast. And I’m pretty sure I eat three days worth of calories in one sitting when we’re together, but whatever. Its worth it.

This month we read Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (go ahead and say that three times fast). Typically I don’t gravitate towards race-oriented books, but this one was fascinating. Americanah is about a girl named Ifemelu that moves to the US from Nigeria. Her experiences as an African, living in America, are vast and complex. I felt like I was taken through the most candid and raw experience seeing the US thru her eyes. I came away so challenged and pushed in my views on race and cultural differences in general, and feel like I have such a greater understanding and appreciation for those that have immigrated to the United States and the difficulties they encounter.

Definitely an interesting read if you want your world rocked and eyes opened.



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