The Beginnings of Mindfulness

January 1 is usually when most people take stock of their lives and decide how they want to change. Its easy to spend hour after hour criticizing yourself for all the reasons you’re not good enough, hoping that the New Year will bring with it the motivation to make some positive changes.

It might just be me, but I know I’m quick to pinpoint each area of my life that needs improvement. Especially as the clock strikes midnight and I am faced with the reality that a new season can finally begin. I feel like I get a fresh start.

But rather than critique myself on all the ways I know I fall short, I’d rather be intentional in one thing:

And that is




I want to be completely present as much as possible. I want to pay attention to the thoughts I have, the feelings I’m feeling, and the detail in my surroundings. And I want to do that without judgement. I want to be sincerely present, not questioning whether what I’m feeling is right or wrong, but just simply acknowledging that its there. So maybe you put down your phone when you’re with your kids or find a way to use your time for radical self-care. Savor a great dessert, read a magazine, paint your nails or walk the dog. I believe that being fully present is the first step in being emotionally whole, and thus contributing an emotionally whole person to the rest of the world. So in this new year, 2016,

its probably good for all of us to learn to be a little bit more

h e r e .


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